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Letters of Faith Vol 2.jpg

Letters of Faith through the Seasons, Volume 2

James M. Houston 

ISBN-13:    9781573835374
Publisher:    Regent College Publishing
Publication date:    11/01/2018
Pages:    386
Product dimensions:    6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.86(d)

About the Book

For readers who want to follow a daily discipline of devotional reading, Letters of Faith Through the Seasons will provide daily doses of wisdom from the greatest minds in Christian history. Each day’s devotion will challenge readers to grow in their faith and knowledge of the Lord. In addition, readers will be encouraged to move from faith in theory to faith in practice as they experience the stimulating nature of these personal letters on such topics as the challenge of living life as a Christian, personal sufferings, and our witness within our professions. Included are letters from such giants of the faith as C. S. Lewis, John Newton, Blaise Pascal, Eugene Peterson, and more. James M. Houston has incorporated prayers, devotional thoughts, and Scriptures to create a wonderful resource to lead readers toward a more intimate relationship with their Creator.

Table of Contents 


Seasons of Christendom

The Early Church Fathers

Later Christendom


Seasons of Evil and Violence


The Evils of War, Genocide, and Eco-Catastrophe


Seasons of Persecution and Judgment



Letters from the Book of Revelation

Issues Between, Christians, Jews, and Secularists


Seasons of Biblical Instruction and Personal Nature


The New Testament Churches


Seasons of Suffering and Personal/ Professional Challenges


Professional Life and its Christian Challenges


Seasons of Spiritual Guidance and Direction


Spiritual Guidance and Direction

All Saints' Day

Spiritual Guidance and Direction




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