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Will you walk into my fish nets said the captain to the fish?
It is the smartest fish net that anyone could wish
I will give you special status to be caught in such a net
Your relatives would envy you did they but know, I bet
We’ve searched with splendid patience and the very best of gear
We’ve travelled o’er the ocean from lasciti to here

Now thank you very kindly the hearty fish replied
I did perceive your purpose, that’s why I had to hide
We’ve seen your twisting bait and it looked just the thing for food
And were I not on a diet I’m sure it would taste good
But ah alas the day must pass with other thoughts in mind
For the perfect slender figure is very hard to find

A summons came this morning to swim to distant shores
To join my fellow salmon who go there in their scores
I love the closer fellowship that comes from such a swim
It cultivates relationships and blesses me within
So, I must say I thank you for invitation kind
I’m off to Horsefly Bay my other relatives to find.

And you must here remain alone for all the rest have gone.
But you can enjoy the sunsets and marvel at the Son
I know you’ll love your sailing as you watch your small T.V.
And if next month you catch a fish – I’m glad it won’t be me
I am a little late I fear a trifle overweight
But after all that exercise, I’m sure I will feel great.


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