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Five Into One

April 1983

“Can five go into one?” I asked away back in September.
The answer then I think was “No”, I really can’t remember.
It seemed at first impossible, some said “it can’t be done”, 
But I believed that by the Spring the five would be just one.

Now if the five we sought to join were really much the same
They may be five in number, but really one in name
Or if the five were all alike not varying from the norm,
They may be five in number but really one in form.

But no such help was mine for they were really quite unique,
To find a way to make them one might just be hard to seek
For some were tall and some were short, and some weighed less than others,
And some had mums, and some had dads and some had special brothers.

Now one could sing, and one could dance and one could preach a sermon,
And one could do most anything she really set her heart on.
And so, we set about the task of making them just one,
Sometimes it wasn’t easy, but much of it was fun.

We would gather round the table for a time of morning prayer
And as we came to feel “at home” we found that we could share
Our hopes and fears, our joys and tears, care for some other friend,
And know the strength which, if we trust, Christ promises to send.

We opened up the home and welcomed many to the table,
The numbers grew, the work was done, we found that we were able
To form a good ‘assembly line’ for Sunday in the sun
And with ‘all hands-on deck’, we proved it really could be fun.

There were days of celebration both for here and U.S.A.
And we found ourselves twice thankful in the proper turkey way!
There were faithful ones who joined us, it was so much fun to share,
And at Christmas, Early Music we found pleasant to the ear.

There were days that called for study, if we wanted to or not,
But there were Indian days with petals and curries much too hot!
There were days that called for papers that were typed out with great care,
But there was jogging round the track and even Hamish had his share.

There were breakfasts in the Market with wondrous muffin choices,
And the snow up on the mountains called with quiet insistent voices.
Sometimes we hurt each other though it wasn’t our intention,
But “I’s sorry”, and forgiveness, and a hug soon broke the tension.

And so the year we struggled through, our time is nearly done
And I look round and find with joy five HAVE grown into ONE
One family in heart and mind who have known a deal of caring,
One family who have done so much and revelled in the sharing.

But now alas, time has moved on, we cannot stay together,
We’ve proved that five goes into one in warm or stormy weather. 
And now we must turn right around and prove another theory,
“Can one be broken up in five?” That’s really rather scary.

God only know what lies ahead and where He plans to lead us,
He only can disclose the path, and what He hopes to make us.
We’re called to different service now, on home or foreign sod
But we’ll always find ourselves as ONE bound by the love of God.


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