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Switzerland with the Van Eagens

There are souvenirs in Wengen
You can purchase by the score
There are bells and picture postcards
There are waking sticks galore
There are little wooden figurines that were carved in winter nights
There are even plastic gadgets that should never see the light

But the souvenirs that I will like
When the duties once more call
Are not the kind that you can buy
In any shop at all

There are breakfasts on the balcony
With croissants fresh and warm
Or suppers eaten in the dark or by a thunderstorm

A trip straight up a mountain in a red funicular
And the glory of the peaks there stretching near and far
A walk around the hillside to the Kleine Scheidegg stop
And the sheer face of the Eiger with its terrifying drop

There was a ride up to the Jungfraujoch through tunnels cold and dark
And out into the sunshine where the view quite took your breath
We have thought our Ernst a climbing to the top
And weighing skiing to the floor – I just hope he can stop

There was a trip that went to Mürren and a picnic on the way
And sausages and cheese and bread were the glory of that day
A marvelous expedition by boat and puffing train
Till the wonder and the beauty left us speechless once again

And Erica and Ernst who planned it all with love for us
For any souvenirs you get you have to pay the price
But were told that to say thank you really isn’t very nice
There must surely be some wat that we can show our gratitude
To our God show is the source of all that loving, kind and good

We have learned to show others a generous open heart
And we promise Ernst and Erica we truly will try to do our part
In sharing more with others for we truly do firmly believe 
That we owe much more to others when we so much receive


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