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Musings at Qualicum Beach

I am sitting at the window and my books are all around
I may be on vacation but my duties still aboutnd
Thare are letters must be written right away to catch the post
There are studies to accomplish, mot a moment muct be lost

I am sitting at the window, every thing is near at hand
There’s a writing desk and chair the very height one would demand
There’s a light here right beside me and another by the bed
There’s not a thing that’s wanting, I just have to go ahead.

But wait, what is that black and pointed thing out there?
I thought it was a duck – and now it’s vanished I declare
Nw there it is again, it’s moving slowly up the beach
The tide is in, it’s only just a little out of reach

Now there it is again, but this time there’s two or three 
I must just fetch the glasses to have a look and see
They are SEALS there that are swimming ad one’s bobbing up there too
And his little black head’s turning as though he loved to see the view

But what is that right over there, a black patch on the water
I’ll g through to the family room t try to see it better,
A hundred timy black specks make a smudge upon the sea
I need the glasses onece again to see what I can see

Here comes a little fishing boat as curious as me, 
They’ve even stopped their fishing just to see what they can see
Could it be an oil slick, what an awful thing to do?
Those little, tiny specks of black afloating on the blue

Now clearly, they are birds there, who are resting from their flight
I guess they are migrating and have stopped to pass the night
Or do they know it’s Sunday and thy think they ought to rest
Before they take journey up with power and with zest

Now all around the gulls have come to say this is their place
Their cry proclaims to all that this invasion’s a disgrace
Or perhaps they are really welcoming their friends from far and near
Do you think they could remember them from passing through last year?

Now what’s that swimming away out in the bay beyond that sail
I wonder, could it ever be the round back of a whale!
I don’t know if they normally frequent these waters here
But I’m quite sure it was a whale; I saw it black and clear

‘it’s time for lunch’, my husband says, now where’s the morning gone?
And not a book yet opened and not a letter done!
A desk there in the window is really just a snare,
If you really have some work to do, I warn you to beware!


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