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Jim's 101st birthday video

Updated: Mar 19

Kitsilano, March 18th, 2024

Dear friends


In celebration of Jim’s 101st birthday our friend, Sandra Leung (Regent 97-00),  made a video of Dad. He is seen at Regent, reading from the St John’s Bible and having birthday celebrations. The group of women who are with him are a Bible study group that Mum started many years ago for the wives of Regent students. This group is now called ‘Friends of Rita’ and it seems appropriate that they are celebrating with him. Dad continues to fare well, full of joy and delight in the Lord. A love of books, thirst for knowledge and desire to teach continue to drive him as his guests and his expanding (again) library will attest to. His life themes of faithfulness to his Lord and friendship continue to shine through. It is a delight for us to share this video with you, and many thanks to Sandra for her gift.



The Houston Family – “Team Jim”

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Dear Jim, What a blessing your 101st Birthday message is! Thank you for living before us what you also teach us about friendship with God and with one another in Christ. In these early days of my past full-time employment (50 nonstop years) I finally have head room to recall many key conversations that have shaped my life and service. I remember our talks over lunch at the Cosmos Club, when you listened carefully to my enigmas, and shared the insights of Bernard of Clairvaux. I recall that lovely week in the Lauterbrunnen Valley with the Van Eeghens and John Stott, along with Rita and her sister at "Uhu" and how you and Ernst rustled up a hillside campfire on…


Dear Dr. Houston,

You have lived over a century and you have lived well, very well indeed! I Thank God for you being a lecturer, a story teller and above all a spiritual companion to me, for all these years. As As I reminisce our encounters, in classroom, retreat, spiritual direction sessions, and from reading Transforming Friendship to Joyful exile and your memoirs, I feel like we are not only fellow sojourners, but we are like old friends knowing one another for a long long time. Your faithful pursuit in living a truthful life of a scholar and a person is truly inspiring and sustaining to me. Happy belated Birthday.

Alan Choi


Kyung-In Kim
Kyung-In Kim

Dear Dr. Houston. I'm always grateful to you. Lately, I have been enjoying reading and meditating on your writings. Just last week, I was on the phone with a Regent's alumnus and encouraged him to re-read your amazing book, The Transforming Friendship (he was the one who translated it into Korean 25 years ago). My hope for you is that you will live a long and healthy life and go home to the Lord. Peace in the Lord, and thank you, Sandra, a fellow Regent alumna, and the Houston’s family for making it possible for me to see Dad in this way. Warm regards from Seoul.


Dear Jim, thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord. May His joy and love abound in your life and the in the life of your family! Grace and Peace, from Brazil.


Happy Birthday, Dr. Houston, and thank-you for the gift of joyful countenance, words and wisdom all coming from a life that embodies so fully what you believe. I was in Rita's bible study from 1981- 1983, and that unforgettable experience helped set a direction for young person new to the faith. The Lord bless you and keep you faithful to Him all your days.

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