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Truffles and Prayers

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March 10, 2023

Dear friends,

Some of you have kindly written and others have asked in other ways, how Dad (Jim to most of you!) is doing. In short, he’s flourishing! He enjoys a morning routine, welcomes visitors, snoozes as needed and otherwise works on a variety of projects. In many ways he depends on the support and help of friends and kind colleagues. Dad’s heart for sharing and teaching his new understandings still motivates him for each day, and he is anxious to pass on all the Lord has been teaching him lately through some kind of regular communication, though it is very hard for him to sustain that alone.

In the first two months of the year, Dad was reading through a series that looked at sermons of Origen, taking him through the Old Testament. The Fathers of the Church, Homilies by Origen, published by The Catholic University of America Press, April 1998. Much of what he gleaned was passed on to his many visitors, and he continues to thrive seeing people and corresponding through email. With the weather improving in Vancouver and with regained physical ability, Dad has been able to get out more and loved attending some of the Houston Center for Humanity and the Common Good lectures, at Regent College. His intent is to keep reading and to share what he learns as he can.

I am helping Dad to share some of what he is learning through something we are calling “Truffles and Prayers”. As Dad reads new books, he desires to share them with a greater audience. So, from time to time, we will post notes as he finds treasures that could also enhance the spiritual life of his readers. He is always glad to receive requests for him to pray for you and to correspond as he is able.

The first ‘truffle’ is written by Tim McIntosh, whom Dad first knew as a teen when our family moved to Vancouver. Tim’s book, “Eyes on Jesus: Through Mark’s Gospel”, Friesen Press 2022. is a daily devotional that goes through the gospel of Mark and by keeping our eyes open, we get to know Jesus better. We commend it for your reading and reflection as it celebrates the simple but profound chorus:

"Turn your eyes upon Jesus.

Look full in His wonderful face,

And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,

In the light of His glory and grace”

Some of you will be pleased to know that Chris, my brother, who wrote the series “Letters from a Hospital Bed” with, and often for Dad, has been working with an editor to assemble the letter series into a new book for publication. Chris and Dad are now looking for a publisher but will publish the series, one way or another. We will keep you posted. Chris has now launched a new series in which he seeks to build connections between two very different kinds of organization, the Church and businesses. Both, he argues, are facing very similar challenges and can learn from each other. His writing draws heavily from the parables of Jesus. Dad and Chris enjoy an ongoing collaboration and you can sign up for the series at

which Chris has named “A Skyfall of Rainbows”!

Dad, Chris, Lydele and Penny join me in wishing each of you every blessing,


Truffles and Prayers
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7 則留言


It's significant that Dr. Houston continues to write, teach, pray and love people--his vocation and all to the glory of God! Thank you for opportunities for so many of us to keep in touch! 😊Maria in Iowa


Thank you for updating Dr. Houston's news. I was one of his students, Jonathan Li. I have lost my contact with him. Would you kindly pass on his email address (any way of contacting him) to me? My email address is

He has deeply touched my life. He is the most amazing person I have ever met.


Sondra Preda Burnett
Sondra Preda Burnett

Claire, thank you and your Family for continuing to keep your dad's "loyal followers" abreast of his life's happenings. We all appreciate deeply all your family has done to continue his ministry in this 100th year! Amazing! God bless and keep you all . . . 💕


Thank you Claire! 💕


James Hunt
James Hunt

Glad to hear that Dr. Houston continues to flourish! God Bless you all for the continued love and support for you father and his ministry!😍 Your family is inspirational!

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